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How to Upload Multiple Files in a Web Application with Progress Bar, Multiple Fields and Form Validation Using jQuery, PHP & Uploadify

There are a few tutorials out there on how to use Uploadify to upload files in a web application. However, I haven't found one that integrates Uploadify into a form with other fields, so that the more

Tutorial: Instant Search With Arrow Key Navigation Using jQuery and PHP

Using jQuery and PHP you can develop your own 'Google-like' instant search. This demo lets you see 'instant' results while searching our blog. //arrow key navigation $(document).keydown( more

Simple jQuery Form With Validation and Without Page Refresh

The overall purpose of this script is to: Post a form without refreshing the page Easily validate the form Show confirmation message Do #1-3 within a single file and with as more

A Better PHP Upload Progress Bar Using jQuery

Hopefully, this example of a PHP file upload progress bar will be helpful to PHP  developers who are looking for a simple way to display a file upload progress bar into their online forms and more

SPAM Protection Using PHP and jQuery

The most common solution to keep 'machines/automated spammers' from abusing PHP forms is to use a CAPTCHA. This works, for the most part, but is very inconvenient & usually unsightly for the more